Welcome To Zeusvision

There is a better way for everything…and we have it for outdoor advertising.

Zeusvision is a technology solutions company specializing in producing innovative large-scale outdoor advertising platforms that truly allow you to cut through the ad clutter, and get your message out to the most-influential groups of people in the most sought-after locations.


 Zeusvision’s main objective is a very simple one; to help you achieve…better. We do not mean just a little bit better than average. We mean the stand out-in your face- everybody turns- you are now the hero-better. To help you achieve better…we ourselves need to be better. We continually work at becoming better than the alternative and better than what we were yesterday.

Meet Our Team

Giovanni Wolfgang
Giovanni WolfgangCEO
Some years back I saw a need for a comprehensive campaign vehicle that would benefit all forms of outdoor advertising, field-marketing and political campaigning, and decided to design and manufacture something from scratch. The end result: Zeusvision.
Sarahi Mejia
Sarahi MejiaCOO
Creative marketer with 10+ years experience and a passion for Media and Events. Versatile, MBA specializing in entertainment, client management, full-cycle events, experiential marketing, strategy, operations & logistics.
Steven Long
Steven LongCTO
With over 30 years as a metrologist, manufacturing consultant, engineer, instructor, and machinist to the aerospace industry, Stephen leads Zeusvision’s manufacturing division.
Steven Mejia
Steven MejiaCFO
Business and financial management professional with progressive business, accounting, and corporate finance experience. Strong business leader and trusted advisor to senior management. Versatile individual with a keen eye to detail.
George McKinney
George McKinneyCDO
Programmer and Architect scaffolding to manage higher buildings with jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Zend, Flex and BackBone Enlighten.
Who Is This?
Who Is This?Unfilled Position
This could be you. Take a look and see what exciting opportunities await for you at Zeusvision.

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