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The Zeusvision buses are essentially huge iPads on wheels capable of displaying multi-media messages according to time and location.The reason that outdoor advertising has not lost out is obviously because we still drive from place to place with nothing else to do in the meantime than look at the traffic and the surroundings. And that’s when we get exposed to outdoor advertisement.
Hans Peter Bech, TBK Consulting
Location, Location, Location, is not just a real estate agent’s mantra. It applies too for outdoor advertising by any business. Media and advertising still benefit greatly from the perceptions of location. A billboard in Times Square is going to be seen by viewers as originating from a more successful company than a billboard in New Jersey. Likewise a video display on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will get more attention than a billboard in East L.A. The good news is Zeusvision will remove the roadblocks that prevent you from advertising in these prominent locations.
Des Walsh, Executive Coach
It seems the founders at Zeusvision found a way to disrupt this current outdoor advertising model – putting a more interactive, multimedia board on wheels.
Astha Kalbag,

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The most important piece for successful communication is listening. We listen to our clients, vendors, employees and just about anyone who wants to talk with us (just ask our pizza delivery guy). 


We use our experience along with info gathered (from our great double pierced listening ear), to draft the best possible plan and tackle anything from a client campaign to a manufacturing challenge.


Once we have the best plan then it is time for action. We love what we do and implement that passion across all processes but it is seen first hand during execution. (You will feel the love).


We strive to deliver the best possible results that not only meet client goals but also leaves everyone working on the project feeling satisfied (and in a mighty cheery mood). 


Whatever the outcome, we make sure to learn and grow from each project. Anything can be improved and we like figuring out just how to do it. We work hard, we play hard, (we feedback hard). 

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