Your outdoor campaign deserves the best ad platform available to get your message out. The better the ad delivery platform, the better the results. We designed Zeusvision buses to be the best most technologically advanced outdoor marketing platform in the world. Your ad content on a Zeusvision bus will impact viewers and consumers in a way no other format can provide. There is no other outdoor product that even comes close to Zeusvision’s capability and effectiveness.

Your campaign will be in the best locations at a moments notice and take all of the attention from competing brands/marketers in the immediate area.

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Take your event to a level past the “next level” and keep going. One Zeusvision bus is all you need to put on an amazing event. Run audio and video content to captivate your audience, along with live performances on top of the 2nd floor stage. With dual 31-foot screens and an industry leading sound system you can host separate events on each side of the bus if needed. Live bands, talking heads, and DJs are just the tip of the iceberg of what a Zeusvision bus can do. Use our onboard multi-camera video switching and encoding equipment to stream your event live to the web while simultaneously recording.

We can run six cameras simultaneously to the video switcher on the bus and mix those live feeds for broadcast output.

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Open your activations up to a world of capabilities. Our buses are unique in their mission-flexibility due to the extensible nature of our design and equipment integrations. We can facilitate some of the most exotic creative ideas. With world class audio and video facilities backed by the computational and DSP power of (4) AMD FirePro™ S10000 we can handle real-time color keying to clothing replacement and object tracking on audience members. If you can think of it, we can program it.

Zeusvision buses carry brand ambassadors and marketing materials for work in the field.

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For the politician that is serious about winning there can be no substitute campaign vehicle for a Zeusvision™ spectacular campaign bus. Candidates can move from one event to the next with unprecedented speed. Your entire event is ready to go the moment you arrive. Zeusvision buses are self-contained. All you need is a space to host your event (you don’t even need power) and you are ready to go. Screens play your prerecorded content so you can stay on-message, and our sound system delivers QSC™ cinema quality sound that stirs emotional response.

The question is: do you want to be the candidate running against an opponent with a Zeusvision bus?

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90% Of people notice messages on digital billboards.

 – Arbitron Digital Billboard Report



Attain instant prestige and a public image boost by advertising on a difficult to access grand-scale platform (and stand out from the rest)


Cut through the clutter and shortstop consumer’s attention with 31ft dual sided screens (reach consumers from BOTH traffic directions)


Customize a Zeusvision bus to align with your advertising needs and react in real time (creatively AND geographically)

Capabilities To Help Your Campaign Excel

Our digital spectaculars are outfitted with state-of-the-art video switching equipment and the latest in HD and 4K digital cinema cameras to record and live-stream your event.

To take the audio post production burden off of clients with a tight deadline, we have a full Avid/Euphonix System 5 mixing stage ready to help finish your content.

No need to source a PA system for your event or activation, Zeusvision buses have QSC audio systems made to handle a crowd of 1000 – 4000 people or more with additional equipment.

Zeusvision buses have the capability to run custom software applications to achieve the goal you need to accomplish and integrate with social media and web platforms.

We’re Here To Help Your Campaign Blast Off!

Through Engineering, Innovation & Sheer Effort